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Best Google Adsense Alternative In 2020

What Is Adesterra?

Welcome Back Guys Today I Will show You One Of The Best Adsense Alternative In 2020.
Adsterra Is Simply One Of The Best Ad Network Out There.The Have a Good Amount of CPM And CPC PayRate.

If You Guys Have Blogger Or Any Kind Of Website I Hope You Use It....Hopefully You Will Get A Good Amount Of Payment.
In This Time Of Corona This Website Is Paying A Good Amount Of Money.
Its One Of The Most Trusted Website I Mean Adnetwork.
So You Can Consider That This Might Be The Best Adnetwork Ever If You Are Not Using Adsense Or You Have Been Rejected To Adsense.
Guys I Dont Have Monetization Enabled In My Youtube Channel So I Dont Get Money From Youtube And I Need To Do Massive Giveaways So I Always Look For Sponsors and Adnetworks By Which I Hope To Donate/Giveaway People Some things That they Can Not Buy In Game.
Thats The At Least I Can Do For You guys For Your Support.
For The Reason Of Your Supports I Try My 100 Percent To Raise Funds And Giveaway.
If You Would Cooperate With Me And Help Then It Would Be Very Easy For Me To Gather Some Funds.
Sometimes when i dont have funds for the giveaways i have to giveaway from my pocket money so you know how hard is it to manage a youtube channel.
So It Takes A Lot Of Time So For That Reason I Request All My Subscribers To At Least Download These Files One Time So They Can Help Me To ConTinue My Giveaways.
I Hope You Guys Will Understand And Help Me To Raise A Good Amount Of Funds And Help Me to Give Daily Giveaways.

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